Breastfeeding drop-in

Our addresses:

For all details, visit our calendar


1, 2, 3, bébé! in partnership with Maison de la famille St-François, from 1:15PM to 3PM

(8190 Levesque Blvd East, Laval, H7A 1V4)


L'éveil créatif in partnership with Maison de quartier Vimont, from 10:30 to 11:45 AM

(1747, Lavoie Street, Laval, H7M 2N1)


Causerie parent-bébé in partnership with Mieux-Naître à Laval, from 10 to 11:30 AM

(3534 Concorde Blvd East, Laval, H7E 2C5)

Breastfeeding support volunteer to answer your questions on breastfeeding from 9:30 to 11 AM


Breastfeeding drop-in at la Bibliothèque Multiculturelle de Laval, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM

(1535 Chomedey Blvd, Laval, H7V 3Z4)


Bébé tendre in partnership with Maison de quartier de Fabreville, from 9:30 to 11 AM

(3031 Dagenais Blvd West, Laval, H7P 1T4)

Virtual services offered

We offer virtual group consultations.

Come and discuss your breastfeeding, ask questions and share experiences.

Hosted by Jennifer Welch, IBCLC lactation consultant, every Monday from 1:30 pm to 3 pm

Go to the following link:


Telephone support

Personalized support

Personalized support is offered in the form of twinning, before or after childbirth, with a breastfeeding support volunteer to obtain support, encouragement, information, and technical advice on breastfeeding.

Always respecting the values ​​and rhythm of the breastfeeding mother, you will receive continuous support until weaning.

The breastfeeding sponsor will communicate with you by phone, text, or email, depending on your needs and preferences.

Breastfeeding Support Volunteers

The breastfeeding support volunteers of Nourri-Source Laval are volunteers who have had a breastfeeding experience and who consider it the natural way to feed a baby.

All our breastfeeding support volunteers have received a complete training in breastfeeding and helping relationships, which allows them to offer active listening, encouragement, and technical advice, without judgment, while respecting the choices of mothers in the context of their careers. interventions.

A volunteer will contact you as quickly as possible, within 5 to 7 working days.

Our team of volunteers (2019)

Breast pump

Whether renting, buying or trying on flanges, please note that we operate by appointment only, as we do not have our own office and must coordinate with our partners where we reserve space.

Please complete the form here. We will contact you to book an appointment.

Breast pump rental:

Elite Ameda

Nourri-Source Laval offers a breast pump rental service. Our hospital-grade double electric breast pumps are available to rent for a one month-period. This program is subject to certain conditions.

We have 6 Ameda Elite breast pumps and one Ameda Pearl pump. Both are quality, multi-user pumps and safe to be used by multiple people (subject to availability).

Details of rental cost:

Double expression kit (HygieniKit - incl. flanges, tubes, etc.): $50

Weekly rental: $15

Monthly rental: $35

Security deposit requited: $50 for the Elite and $75 for the Pearl

To make a request to rent a pump, please complete this form. Someone will contact you.

Mya Joy PLUS


Mya Joy PLUS breast pumps on sale for $230


Rechargeable. Quiet. Powerful.

Ameda's Mya Joy PLUS combines the hospital-grade breast pump performances parents demand with an incredibly small, portable pump.

Includes: AC adaptater with USB-C charging cord; Double milk collection set; Flanges (25mm et 28.5mm); 2 extra valves and 2 extra diaphrags (for milk collection set); Instructions for use (quick start version).

To arrange to purchase, please complete this form. Someone will call you.

Breast pump flange fitting:

In order to help you choose the right size, come test our sterilized samples. Cost:  $25

Ensuring the right pump flange size can improve comfort, milk production and speed of milk removal. This can make a big difference when pumping is needed to help solve problems or you simply want to store some milk for later use.

We can help you find the best fit whether it is 12 mm or 36mm! For your convenience, we stock flanges that are compatible with most breast pump brands including Medela and Ameda in the most common sizes. Flange sizes is based on a variety of factors including the diameter of your nipple and then ask you to try several different sizes of sanitized flanges with your pump. We will observe how your nipple moves in the flance with suction, and you can see which size is most comfortable and offers the best milk flow.

You can expect your appointment with us to last about 20 minutes. Please be sure to bring any pump and accessories you are using so we can help you optimize your setup. For the most accurate evaluation, it is best to breastfeed or pump 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment.

This service costs $25 and is available by appointment only -  form

This fitting technique is revolutionary and taught by our colleague IBCLC, Jeanette Mesite Frem from Babies in Common

Here are a few tips to optimize breast pumping:

-Take the time to read your breast pump's user guide carefully;

-Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly;

-Choose a quiet place where you feel comfortable;

-Take a minute to try to relax. Stress hormones reduce milk flow;

-Apply dry heat and GENTLY massage your breasts with the palm of your hand. This will help stimulates the milk ejection reflex;

-Drink to thirst!

-Reminding yourself of your babay can help the milk flow. Try looking at a photo or video of your baby. Place clothing or a blanket used by your baby on your shoulder so you can smell your baby;

-Use a blanket to hide the breast pump and cover the containers with socks. Resist the temptation to look at the amount of milk pumped every 5 seconds. Remember, the amount pumped is in no way indicative of the amount of milk your baby will ingest;

-Keep your mind occupied with other things: watching TV, listening to music, reading a good book, etc.

-Limit your pumping sessions to 15 minutes. That's more than enough! Frequency is more important than duration. Beyond that, you risk injury and exhaustion;

-If you feel pain when using your breast pump, it's important to contact your breastfeeding support volunteer as soon as possible. Pain is a sign that something is not right and needs to be adjusted. Your support volunteer will help you find a solution;

-Do you have questions about pumping or your milk production? You can speak to our IBCLC lactation consultant every Monday (except public holidays), from 1:30PM to 3PM, via the Zoom platform we would like the cameras to be activated while we confirm that this is a person with breastfeeding-related questions.


Prenatal breastfeeding workshop

The free workshop is offered to future parents who want to learn more about breastfeeding. You can take the workshop at any time during your pregnancy.

 During this 2-hour workshop (may run over, depending on interaction) will cover the following topics:

- The fourth trimester

- Normal newborn behavior

- Milk production and how it works

- Breastfeeding positions

Given by an IBCLC-certified lactation consultant.

*The workshop is offered to Laval residents on a priority basis.

Given by an IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant

 * The workshop is offered to Laval residents as a priority.


Upcoming workshops in English:

- April 16, 2024, 7PM to 9PM

- July 16, 2024, 7PM to 9PM (bilingual)

- November 12, 2024, 7PM to 9PM

To register, click here.

A summary of the workshop will also be sent out the following day.