Become a breastfeeding godmother

A breastfeeding support volunteer is a mother

Who has expertise and who, even if she has had difficulties, has had a positive breastfeeding experience;

For whom breastfeeding is important and who considers it the natural way to feed a baby;

Who wants to learn more about breastfeeding;

Who has received a basic training, with the opportunity to follow continuous training to increase his knowledge.

What are they doing?

Mainly, they offer active listening, encouragement and personalized technical advice over the phone;

They adopt a non-judgmental attitude and respect the choices of mothers in their interventions;

They can get involved in prenatal classes, breastfeeding drop-ins, sector management, the board of directors and specialized committees.

Why becoming a support volunteer?

To get involved and make a difference in your community;

To give back the support you have received;

To be part of a dynamic group that shares your interests;

To expand your network of friends;

Because it is so rewarding to help someone overcome their breastfeeding challenges.

Basic asynchronous training

The basic training is now offered in an asynchronous version, so you can do it online according to your availability. Available in French only. However, we are always looking for godmothers speaking various languages ​​to meet the needs of Laval families.

Community life

By becoming a member of Nourri-Source Laval, you will benefit from a fulfilling experience where mutual aid is part of the culture of the organization!

With its network of resources, Nourri-Source Laval stands out with its innovative volunteer policy where the experience of each support volunteer is recognized!

The associative life of Nourri-Source Laval, in a few words:
- An annual recognition evening;
- Dynamic and deeply human sector meetings;
- Recognition of the good moves of the godmothers on social networks and during meetings;
- Delivery of certificates of involvement to godmothers with three, five or ten years of experience;
- Annual informal meetings;
- Free continuing education opportunities!

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